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My name is Natalie Wade, I started with two pairs of Seramas and immediately fell in love with the personality and unique beauty of these amazing Mini Chickens. Since then my little Serama flock has grown and I now have several breeding pairs of Serama and enjoy every single one of them.  

Seramas are known as the smallest chicken in the world. They are stunning little chickens with a majestic stance and upright tail. There is nothing cuter then a little Serama rooster strutting around like its bigger chicken counterparts. Not only are Seramas stunning but their docile personality make them great show birds and wonderful pets! Their petite size enables them to be housed in a small cage in your home or a small heated coup.  

Here at Mini Chicken our Seramas are bred indoors in our controlled home facility. We are Serama chicken breeders that value the health and well being of every chicken we raise. We are not a Commercial hatchery and WE DO NOT SELL CHICKS OR EGGS. Here at Mini Chicken, every chick is lovingly handled and cared for from hatch to adulthood. The health and wellbeing of our Seramas is of the utmost importance. 

Mini Chicken is committed to raising the best pure bred and healthy Seramas possible. All our Seramas are raised on Non GMO, Organic feed along with extra vitamins and minerals from hatch to adulthood. This insures that your Mini Chicken will have a healthy start at their new home. 

Our Serama facility is a closed facility located inside our home. This means that they are not exposed to other animimals or birds. Our serama bantam chickens for sale are guaranteed to be disease and pest free. We are a National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified facility which is a Federal-State-Industry mechanism for controlling certain poultry diseases including being U.S. "Pullorum- Typhoid Clean" Each and every Serama will come with a current copy of the NPIP Certificate from the State of Maine Department of Agriculture.   

Mini Chicken selects the best breeding stock from generation to generation. Our goal is to improve the quality of Seramas that we raise with each and every generation. This does not mean that every chicken will be perfect, but it does mean that we do our very best to breed to the standards recognized by the Serama Council Of North America (SCNA), The American Poultry Association (APA), and the American Bantam Association (ABA).

Our Serama come from excellent bloodlines. We have a variety of serama chickens for sale including unique colors, smooth feathered and Silkied Serama. However, not every Serama will win you a blue ribbon at a show, but hopefully our Mini chickens will provide a good foundation for those interested in breeding, showing or just looking for an amazing little pet. 

When you purchase a Serama from Mini Chicken your purchase does not end there. We will be available for any questions you may have about the care of your serama. 

Mini Chicken thanks you in advance for selecting our beautiful Serama bantams. I know you will love them a much as I do. 




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